5 reasons why you should make a website for your business


You do not have a website for your business? Do not wait more! You’re missing the incredible benefits.

Whether you are a small company or a large company, or if your market is global or local: having a website will allow you to publicize your benefits in a massive and simple way. The image of a business online is increasingly more weight in their success and outcomes: This because all we consult online, more and more information. Even you, right? Therefore it is important to ask yourself:

If you’ve changed your way to buy, why not change your way of selling?

The website is one of the cornerstones of the online presence of any business. And yes, create a website requires investing resources: time and money. But investment is minimal for the benefits you will get.

Attention! I’m talking about online presence, not an online store. The web page of your site may or may not contain an online store or ECommerce, but it is not mandatory!

Note that an online store requires a significantly higher investment (time and money) and it is not always advisable. In some cases the activity does not lend itself to online sales. In others, the business is simply not scalable.

Online store with or without a website of your business need it or yes. Lest you have any doubt, here are five reasons to create a website for your business. If you do not feel like reading, you can go directly to computer graphics. (infographic).

Why do you need my business a website?

1️⃣ Your customers are looking for you online

This will have clear, right? We live online. An overwhelming majority of consumers (growing each day) internet consultation continually, before traveling, going to a restaurant to go to the movies, making a purchase …

We use the network from different devices to inform prices, schedules, points of sale or conditions of everything we buy and consume. Think: when was the last time you looked at the Yellow Pages?

Responsive Design

Yes, your customers are looking for online. But if you do not have presence They will not find you!

Your website is a new channel of communication with customers; They can chat live with you, ask questions or make your comments. If you manage this communication properly, your business will be perceived as more reliable. Promote and maintain interaction with customers strongly reinforce your professional image and you’ll get fidelizarlos easier!

And, best of internet is that your information will be displayed at the moment when your customer is interested, when you have a need to satisfy. And your page can answer questions or concerns at any time of day or night.

Create a website for your business will allow you to display information about your business, products and / or services you provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. The website works for you full time. It’s like a branch of your business, a window that remains visible permanently for all interested users. And for little money!

2️⃣ Improve the image of your business

Have you looked for the name of your online business? Test it! It is revealing.

You will notice that failure to manage your presence on the Internet does not mean you do not have it. It is possible that when looking for the name of your business on Google an incomplete record of Google My Business with images captured by Google systems or contributed by users is displayed. Surely that is not the image you want to!

A web of your business is the perfect place to project a professional image carefully, and get to create the best impression on your users place. It is also the support to show the history of the brand, its values ​​and objectives.

Professional website works as a business card today. It is the first impression that users will have on your business. And we know how important first impressions. It is in your hand to provide information how you get your business to stand out among competitors. And speaking of competition …

3️⃣ Your competitors already have website!

Have you looked at what your competitors are doing?

Looking for their names on Google. Surely, most of them are already managing their Internet presence, and certainly everyone and website. How do they appear?

Analyze the online presence of your competitors will allow you to see things more objectively. Your image is better than yours? It is important that you ask this question: If you needed your product or service, you sell, and decide consultases Internet by a provider or another, do you choose your brand? Are you fully convinced your online image? Is it better to your competition? If the answer is no, get down to work!

You can (and must) control your professional image on the Internet, where competition is increasingly fierce. Luckily, the online world somewhat democratized competition. A small company with a good positioning strategy can achieve greater online visibility that larger or more likely in the offline world companies. But you have to work at it!

4️⃣ Improved branding

There is a mistake that many entrepreneurs: Looking for your name on the Internet, look at their results (there is often only one Fan Page of Facebook) and are satisfied. They say, “Oh, I appear, check!”. But I’ll tell you one thing: that not much when it comes to the truth.

Why? Because the user does not find the name of your brand. The user searches for “copies of keys,” “shoe repair”, “dinner at a good restaurant” … depending on their need at the time. That’s why you need your business will be among the first results of these searches. This is achieved by SEO positioning.

Google now searches the keywords of your business by adding the name of your city “Restaurant Miami”, “Zapatería Madrid”, “Copies of keys Caracas” … Is your business among the top results? Possibly not.

A website is a space where the keywords of your activity are included (eg, repairing footwear), and gives you better look in the eyes of Google, as it expands the information about your business.

And something else: when a website is launched, it is like putting “the tail” positioning. Other pages with the same keywords take more time creating and sharing content about your topic. That’s why you must not wait any longer!

5️⃣ It is a sales tool

When buying consumer trend is to research online before purchasing a product or hire a service, for this reason it is important that your business has a website where you can submit your offer so that potential customers can view the information They needed before making a decision, either through a mobile device or via the computer.

You save on advertising. 💰 Having an own website saves on advertising since serves as a permanent showcase your products, saving on printing brochures or catalogs. Online since you can display your products by offering detailed information and photos to your potential customers.



5 reasons why you should make a website for your business 1


They will improve your business results. We must clarify that it is not enough to have a website for profit. It would be too easy. The page must be designed considering the multi-device usability and SEO must be worked so that it is well positioned in search engines. 

In general, creating a corporate website will allow a smoother internal and external communication, facilitate relationships with customers and suppliers, will allow display relevant information updated and optimize some business functions. Even advertising and communication costs become cheaper.

Are you thinking about creating your company website? Tell me your project without compromise!


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