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Design and Development of the corporate image of your company 1 Creating your company’s Corporate Image or Branding

The corporate image is only the reflection of what a company looks like, of its personality, reflects a whole series of values and emotions with which the client feels identified. Today companies don’t just bet onselling aproduction. They go much further, offering consumers authentic experiences.

A well-thought-out corporate image design may be the springboard to the success of an unknown company or brand, or it can help a more established one achieve new goals.

Therefore, the importance of caring for the corporate image increases over time, as more and more companies are competing in a limited market. In addition, innovation means that companies are making orders for much more transgressive and disruptive products, so conformism and business passivity are not currently valid.

Today, the image that a company conveys is one of the fundamental factors in the decisions of its customers, suppliers, financial institutions and everything around it. It is a differentiating element of the competition and therefore allows your business to position itself in the minds of customers.

A properly thought-out corporate image adds value to the brand or company helping it stand out, which is especially useful for both unknown companies and those in highly competitive markets and need an element differentiator that, in addition, connects with its customers or consumers.

Design and Development of the corporate image of your company 1 Creating your Corporate Image

Here are some important points about your company’s corporate image and what it requires for its development or creation. Visit my portfolio for some examples of branding and logo design.

Identification with the mark.

Through the corporate image, we get our customers or our target audience to feel identified with the values and philosophy of our company. In addition, the loyalty rate increases greatly, since the brand is aware at all times of what are the needs and expectations of its target audience.

Apple Logo History

Identification of products and services.

The corporate image must have visual coherence to the brand, that is, there is a homogeneity and a relationship between each and every one of its elements, at the graphic level as well as behavior and communication. Therefore, the company’s products and services are easily identifiable. Think, for example, about Apple products. Apart from carrying the logo, they are products that we identify with a simple glance.

Emotional bond.

As we mentioned, corporate image is about emotions and experiences. Companies seek to connect emotionally with their users. Coca-Cola ads are one of the best examples.

Security and Bond

The importance of the corporate image is also due to helping a company strengthen and security and trust the user. In addition, the corporate image gives a great feeling of professionalism, which in the end is what we all look for in the products we acquire. The important thing is to generate pride in brand membership with very marked and remarkable values and objectives.

Design and Development of the corporate image of your company 1 Examples of Corporate Identity

In general, every company or brand needs a corporate image, as this is the “business card” with which it will show in visual terms its proposal to the market. Many brands have managed to create an impact in their respective niches thanks to the image and some examples are found in:

  • Nike: with a name inspired by the Greek goddess of victory (Nika) its iconic image is not only present in all the brand’s products, but is also an unmistakable stamp as far as sportswear is concerned.
  • CocaCola: the italic font and the red color (patented, moreover, so that no other brand can use it) of the almighty Coca Cola are a worldwide reference in the world of cola soft drinks. The logo was created in 1885, so there is no doubt that the solidity of its image has remained over the years, although adapting to the changes of the period with slight variations.
  • Apple: its Apple feature has been the subject of debate. Some say it’s Steve Jobs’ homage to Alan Turing, the British mathematician who managed to decode enemy communications during World War II, for others it’s a game of words between bite and byte. In any case, the truth is that beyond urban legends, the design of its corporate image has become synonymous with technology with exceptional design.

Design and Development of the corporate image of your company 1 Benefits that a good corporate image offers

Therefore, the importance of design in the corporate image has to do with these benefits:

  • It makes the brand have a presence in the market and can even help it stand out.
  • Increase sales: Once it becomes visible it can reach new customers or consumers who have not noticed its existence in the market before.
  • Improves consumer valuation: good design can even change your perception of a company or brand.
  • Generate internal identification: Corporate image can be a great ally for companies by generating positive employee identification resulting in greater loyalty and productivity.

Design and Development of the corporate image of your company 1 What does corporate design include?

The logo is the main image of a company and is essential, as it is the graphic representation of the concept of the brand. However, the corporate image is not only made up of the logo but also has to take care of other visual aspects such as:

Corporate web design

The website is the digital side of the company and, being an extension of it, must share its identity for consistency. In addition to the visual component, the website must be understandable to the user, easy to use and with relevant information that allows him to obtain the products and services that the company or brand offers. The website is a clear example that the importance of design in the corporate image has transcended the traditional elements (logo and stationery) to be incorporated into the company’s digital channels. You can visit my portfolio for some examples of web design pages for some of my clients (click here visit Portfolio).

If you want to know more about how to create a website for your company, visit my article about What you should do and know before creating a website. Or my post about How much does a Website Cost.

Stationery and packaging design

Here they enter from business cards, through the design of folios, envelopes, invoices, stamps, templates for emails, etc. In all these elements must be present the corporate image of the company. In the case of packaging, this goes far beyond stamping a logo on a bag or package. It requires a previous study that combines design with functionality according to the needs of consumers and, of course, integrates the corporate identity of the company.

Design and Development of the corporate image of your company 1 Summary

In short, the importance of design in the corporate image goes far beyond what can be imagined because, it is not only a logo, it is a visual representation of everything that the company itself wants to convey. At Einatec we are aware of the importance of design and that all the elements that make up it keep a harmony with each other and that is why before publishing it we will carefully analyze your project. Success is guaranteed!

It is important that we take into account the importance of the corporate image when we create a company, since this will be decisive for the future of the new business. Consumers’ image of businesses is one of the factors that most influence consumers’ purchasing decisions. This way, it’s hard for someone to buy your purchases if they have a negative image of you.


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