Does a lawyer need to have a website?

Does a lawyer need to have a website

Lately I have received several potential clients (Lawyers) who intend to make a website, but do not know how to start or what content it should have.

Some of the most interesting questions that have been asked are the following:

👨🏻‍⚖️  Is a web page necessary for a Law Firm?

Yes!!, the projection that your office has is not the same, whether it is a one-person office or with several offices around the world, the specialty of the office, etc. For a lawyer, having a website can only bring benefits.

Fear of not liking and fear to say, is one of the fears that exist when creating a web page and start sharing content, but little by little, through visits to your website, comments on the blog, the social signals. You can verify that you are doing well, which contents are more viral and in a while, new customer requests will begin to arrive to your firm.

Reasons to start creating a website

Having a website has several benefits..

  • Business card: A basic web page, with the information of the office, sections or areas of work and contact, is a business card available to everyone 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. The degree of involvement that this type of websites requires is none, once the web is made it does not need maintenance or greater care, but we will not be able to access the following benefits.
  • Image: Writing relevant articles about your sector, typical inquiries or having a section that says “press” or “talk about us” gives customers a lot of confidence and reinforces the image you want to project from your office.
  • Clients: Of course, the fact of writing queries, regulatory news, latest doctrine, etc. It makes the users solve their doubts, have a perception of you as a professional and specialist in the matter and therefore, hire the services when they are necessary, because remember that although you explain with great detail such as a complaint, procedures, steps, and means of proof, they will ALWAYS need a lawyer to represent their legal interests, so if you have known how to resolve those doubts and offer confidence, it is very likely that they end up hiring your services.
  • Make your services known: Preferred participations, ground clauses, “computer” crimes … The current situation in which we find ourselves, makes us continuously specialize in new matters, procedures or regulatory changes, so all these changes, They make you have to readjust the efforts of your office to focus on different areas. What is the best way to make them known? A web page is one of the best ways.
  • Gratuity: Having a web page entails costs of domain + hosting + web development, all this can be around 300 to 1000$, but … Do you know any cheaper means to reach thousands of people? Not at the momen.
  • Promote yourself: the presence on the internet is a convenient and cheap way to advertise and reach users who otherwise would not be able to access. The website allows advertising 24 hours a day with a very low cost. It is a key element in the marketing strategy of any firm.

What should the website of a firm contain?

A good website for lawyers should provide relevant and quality content that is attractive to users and arouses their attention by the firm or office. A good example is Tax Solution Atlanta.

The most important thing is to include is a description about the firm, who makes it up, what is its origin, in which areas it works and what are the services in which it specializes. In this sense, it is convenient to include a biography or curriculum of the lawyers that make up the firm, with images preferably, so that users can evaluate them and know if they adapt to what they need and get a feeling of closeness and proximity.

It is recommended that the firm’s website has a news section that includes texts prepared by one of the lawyers who work there and that deals with specific aspects or current issues related to law and the world of law. They must be elaborated with a language that is not too technical to be able to reach more public. This section can also include news related to the sector, which are of interest, that have been published in the press.

Another section of the website may include informational circulars on developments in aspects of legislation or relevant sentences. It is also convenient that the firm’s website has access links to other websites of interest such as regulatory publications or public bodies.

In addition to the classic contact information such as the telephone number, address, fax number or email address, more innovative forms of contact can be provided through the network, which can be used by the website of the law firm, such as contact forms to contact the company directly, Skype addresses to make video calls between lawyers and clients, location maps to facilitate the location and links to the different social networks in which the law firm It is present.

A User zone should be important if the appropriate technology and resources are available, it would be interesting to enable a zone or access tool for the clients of the firm, through which they can download files and forms of interest or upload documents necessary for the development of the cases. With this service you could save time, expedite procedures and improve customer comfort.

How should the design of a website for lawyers be?

The websites of the law firms must be informative and their design must be attractive to users but clear and concise at the same time. A good design must meet the following characteristics:

🖊 The first thing is to be clear about the profile of the client and the target audience to which the web is going to be directed, based on that, to design a practical and direct website. The structure must be clear, with well-defined sections and sections, that are captured by the naked eye and that prevent the user from having to prowl and get lost on the page looking for the section that interests him.

🖊  The use of visual elements favors an innovative design and embellishes the image of the web. Therefore, large color photographs and even graphics that can provide information are essential elements to achieve a good design.

🖊  The website of the firm must always be updated, with new content that is not obsolete and include links that work. The design of the web page must allow the modification of the contents autonomously by the company’s personnel.

🖊  It is advisable to put the website of the firm in the hands of SEO professionals to optimize its positioning and ensure that all optimization requirements such as the use of keywords, meta tags and good URLs are met. This will ensure that the website is one of the first to appear in search engines when seeking the services of a lawyer.

🖊  At present it is very important that the design of a web page is adapted to access it through mobile devices since more and more, users access the Internet using alternative devices to the computer such as tablets or smart mobile phones.

Types of websites for lawyers

Depending on the objective that the law firm or law firm wishes to achieve through its website or the services they provide through it, three types can be distinguished:

👨‍⚖️ Presentation page

This type includes web pages that are used exclusively as a card or letter of introduction from the firm. It shows the essential data such as the description of the firm and the people who make it up, the services provided, the location of the firm and the contact details.

👨‍⚖️ Presentation page and online consultations

In this type of websites the law firms, in addition to the description of the company, the services it offers and the contact details, offer an online consultation service through a form through which Users can make legal inquiries. A fee per query would be established that would be paid with online payment. This option allows you to increase revenue and capture new clients, since if the user is satisfied with the resolution of their question, it is possible to go to the firm when they need legal advice or hire a lawyer.

👨‍⚖️ Online presentation and lawyer page

In addition to the basic information of the company, an online lawyer service is offered for those cases that can be treated electronically. The law firms that have this type of service on their web pages are very few since it is a tool that requires advanced technology and there are not many cases that can be treated remotely.

How to be more present on the Internet

In addition to having a good and updated website, it is recommended that law firms or law firms, and even lawyers who work on their own, have a presence on the network through other tools to improve the positioning of the page.

A good way to do this is to use a Blog in which to post posts related to news and industry news. It must be composed of original and quality content that in turn can be shared on social networks.

Nowadays if you are not in social networks you are nobody. Having profiles in different networks is beneficial for a firm since this way it is possible to reach a greater number of users who otherwise could not be reached; The networks also allow to improve the presence of the firm and its online positioning and allow to create a greater dynamism in the website. Thanks to social networks, users can participate and interact with the company by commenting on the posts or posts that are published and so from the firm you can know what users think about the company.




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