How much does a web page cost?

How much does a web page cost

In this post I want to solve some doubts about the cost of making a website, in this case using WordPress. There is no exact answer to this question, I can tell you that.

So, I will tell what you need to do and know about it. How much money would be the minimum investment if you want to make the web on your own. An the approximate cost if you hire a freelance or an agency.

I hope you find it this post useful.

What influences the price of a website with WordPress

One of the reasons why it is difficult to put a price on web design is because it depends on many factors. Therefore, I want you to see the needs you have  when creating a website.

Domain and Hosting

Without this you do nothing, it is the basis of your website and it is important that you hire a good web hosting. A decent hosting can cost you about $ 80 – $ 100 per year. Usually the firts year is cheaper because most hosting companies have some discount or promotion for initial hiring.

If you don’t know which one to choose, I recommend you choose Bluehost or  Goddady. If you are in Venezuela, you can try with hosting companies like HostingSSI. I have used these three, and their performance and support are very good.

Template and plugins

There are a lot of free templates that you can use to create your website with WordPress. The problem with this free templates is that they are very limited in terms of customization. You have to stick with what they offer.

There is also the issue of support and updates of the template you select. As the template is free, the author has no commitment and can abandon its development at any time. Therefore, my recommendation is that you opt for a premium template.

The prices of WordPress templates are around $60, with this, you have enough to buy a good WordPress theme. If you’re buying a WordPress theme, I recomend to by the theme Astra Pro ($59), That is the one theme I use in almost all of my works.

Now the plugins, in principle you can pull the free ones, as long as you don’t need anything special. The one you need is a theme builder like Elementor o Beaver Builder (both are free, and have a premium package also). With these to, you can layout all the content of your page and you also have to install plugins to create the contact form, to attract subscribers, portfolio, slider, etc. My experience says that, making a website with only free plugins is more complicated because you will be limited in many aspects and you will have to investigate and try a lot.

It depends on what you need for your page, the numbers of plugins you will need to create a perfect website for your businnes. In total with about $100 you should have enough to buy a template and some premium plugin.


Texts are another very important part of a web page that, unfortunately, many companies and professionals do not pay enough attention to. The design may be better or worse, but nobody will buy you without reading a minimum before.

Here you have two options: write the texts on your own or hire a copywriter to do them for you. The price of the texts will depend a lot on the number of pages to be written and who you hire. There are copywriters that for $500 will write you the entire web (or almost) and others that for $1000 will write you only one landing page.


Getting a good web design with images taken from Google is complicated. You can choose to use images from an image bank , either free or paid. Or hire a photo session for a photographer to take some photos in conditions.

A studio photo shoot can cost you about  $150 – $200.


I know cases of people who have taken months to make their website to finally see a professional. Because they have not managed to finish it or because the result has not been what they expected.

Also, suppose you are a lawyer who charges $50 / h and takes about 40 hours to make your website.

Those 40 hours, are $2000 more than you could have billed if you were dedicated to what is your profession. Or you could have taken advantage of them to rest, be with the family, etc. And I am assuming that in those 40 hours you have managed to make a website in conditions. With a good design, that everything works correctly, that loads fast, that you have not had to buy several templates / plugins, optimized for SEO, etc.

I don’t say you can’t do the web on your own, but be careful, it’s not that easy.

It must also be said that not everyone is a lawyer, or charges $50 per hour, nor has the same knowledge about WordPress. Then, it is up to you to value your time and see if you are worth doing the web on your own or hire a freelance or an agency to built your website.

How much does a website with WordPress made on your own cost?

Creating the web on your own will be much cheaper because just by buying the hosting and domain you could start. As an example of what it would cost you to do the web on your own, I will give you the tools that I would buy if I had to start from scratch.

Hosting + Domain:  Bluehost StartUp plan: $ 80

Template: Astra Pro: $ 59

Visual editor:  Elementor Pro: $49

Total: ≈  $200 

With those $200 you get a good hosting, a very versatile template and a visual editor with which you can layout all the content without touching code. If your budget is lower, buy only the hosting and if possible the template. Because with Elementor free and some addons you can manage quite well.

Annual price of a website with WordPress

Like almost everything in this post about web prices, the answer is “it depends”. For now, you will have to pay the renewal of:

Hosting and domain

As the first year you get a discount and they give you the domain, when you renew you will have to pay the full price. That in the case of Bluehost, they are about $120.

The renewal of the domain you also have to pay, which is about $15. Depending on the domain you have purchased you will have to pay more or less.

License Renewal

The templates and premium plugins you buy will have to be renewed every year to continue receiving updates and support. Updates are important to avoid security problems and incompatibilities. Renewals of plugins and premium templates usually have a discount between 30% and 50%. To save on licenses in the long run, you can buy the lifetime license  of the templates and plugins that offer it.

Annual WordPress maintenance price

As the maintenance in principle you can do it on your own, it is an expense that you can save. As an orientation I can tell you that a basic WordPress maintenance can cost you about $30 / month.


Price of a web with WordPress made by professionals 💰

Now that you know more or less what it would be like to do the web with WordPress on your own, let’s see how much the web would cost you if it was done by a web designer or an agency. In both cases the price can vary greatly depending on the requirements of your page and who you hire.

Price of a freelance WordPress designer 💰

In general, the price of a freelance web designer will be lower than that of an agency because it has less expenses to cover. If you hire a WordPress web designer with some experience and experience, a corporate page can cost you between $600 and $1000.

Obviously there are also many that make it cheaper, for $200 or $300. It is up to you what you are willing to pay and the quality you want to get.

Do not expect to pay $200 and that the quality and involvement of a web designer is the same as if you pay $1000. When you launch into the online world you have many doubts and I consider that this advice has a value that cannot be charged at $200.

If you hire your cousin or brother-in-law to make the web for a cheap price, then just as you do well. Although most likely, you end up with a website that doesn’t work for you or that is constantly giving you problems.

Web design price of an agency

If you ask an agency for a budget, surely the price they give you is higher because they have more expenses to cover (employees, office, tools, etc.). In addition, their target audience is usually customers with greater purchasing power who not only hire the web, but also hire SEO, advertising campaigns, graphic design, etc.

For a corporate website an agency can charge you between $1000 to $2000 approximately. If your website requires some special features or has a lot of content, the price can easily exceed the mentioned figures.

Is it better to hire an agency or a freelance?

If you choose well, both options are good, although each has its advantages and disadvantages. Already according to your needs you will have to decide which is the best option for you.

Advantages of hiring a freelance web designer

Lower price:  freelancers usually have lower prices compared to an agency.

You know who will do the final work: with  some exceptions the work will be done by the web designer you hire and not a third party.

You only deal with one person: you will have a direct communication with the highest person in charge who can answer your questions and inform you about the status of your project.

That ” – I’m going to consult with the department of …” or “That is what my partner …” does not exist.

Proven reputation:  as the work will be done by the web designer himself, you can better evaluate the quality of his services.

When you hire an agency, you don’t know who does the final job. So the quality may vary depending on who is really responsible for carrying out your project.

Specialization: it is an advantage that I consider quite important because you can find a freelance specialist in certain topics or tools.

Within the web designers with WordPress you can find specialists in WooCommerce, Membership Sites, specialists in personal brand websites, etc.

Thing that in agencies will be difficult to find because the vast majority are very general. They offer everything for everyone.

Advantages of hiring an agency for web design

More services: an agency in addition to making it web, you can take social networks, make advertising campaigns, graphic design, SEO, etc.

A freelance can give you advice on these issues, but it is rare that I can offer you all those services. You would have to hire several people, which is more cumbersome than hiring an agency to take it all.

The project does not depend on a person: if a freelance for whatever reason is not available for a while, it is most likely that your project will remain stationary until it rejoins.

While in an agency if an employee gets bad, surely there is another that can continue with the development of your website.

If you have reached this point I hope you already have a rough idea of ​​what it costs to make a website with WordPress. If you have any questions or want to give your opinion about prices, you can do so below in the comments.

A greeting!

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