My name is Gianmarco Giuliari, Graphic & Web Designer are my passions, I’m from Venezuela, graduated from the José Maria Vargas University (2005) with a Master’s Degree in Graphic Design. I have more than 14 years of experience in the area.  My work is based on making printed works; from magazines, advertisements, flyers, broshures and anything the client needs to create.

I specialize in WordPress, in the development of dynamics web pages and positioning, HTML5 and CSS language management. Course on Community Communication and Social Networks (Polar Foundation 2015).

Some of my skils

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Web Design

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Logo Design

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Social Media

How do I work

I will be Clear & Honest with you, I have no problem telling you NO if you ask me something that I’m not specialized in or directly do not know how to do it.

I do web design with WordPress, I’m not going to start creating social networks or campaigning on Facebook. I do post for social media when  the client give me all the information for each post they want to publish. I’m not a community manager.

Because for that there are other professionals specialized in these issues and they will give you a better service.

The design of a web page is important, but more so is its usability and user experience.

When it comes to creating a web page in what I focus most is its usability, structure and user experience, but obviously without neglecting the design.

I like the web with a clean design, pulling minimalist and with good readability .

Do you need a Website?