Steps to create the website for your Salon or Esthetic Center


Reasons to own a Professional Website

If you’re not sure yet, we give you several reasons to have your own professional website:

  1. To increase your online presence
  2. To improve the competitiveness of your business
  3. To position your website in search engines and local services such as Google Business
  4. To improve your company’s image
  5. For your customers to see what you do without having to go to your store
  6. To sell your services and products 24 hours at anytime online
  7. So your customers can make reservations
  8. To reach new customers
  9. To reach another kind of audience that wouldn’t come to you otherwise
  10. To offer your discounts and promotions
  11. To improve the competitiveness of your tradeor
  12. To get ahead of your competition
  13. So they can see your most modern website
  14. To indicate the location of your business
  15. To improve your sales and economic benefits
  16. To offer a new way of contacting your company
  17. Because it’s economical and has a high return of investment

If you need to give a new push to your business, it’s time for you to think about having a new website designed for your company and its customers, so it’s important to spend time selecting your design to give a professional image to and worry about content you’ll reach internet users.

If your (professional) world revolves around trends in nail lacquers and hair dyes, then this article is for you. We know that running a beauty salon not easy. In addition to the physical work that involves helping the rest of the world look its best, you have to be so much and manage all commercial transactions, to keep a room in operation. Creating a website that attractively conveys your hairdressing skills and your makeup magic is essential for word to spread about your business among customers.

We understand that you would probably prefer to spend your time doing what you love most: to be inspired by the manytrends of the world of cosmetics to give your customers the best experience. But designing a professional website is simpler than it seems and won’t take you that long, not to mention the big impact that improved advertising and anonline booking tool will have on yourbusiness. In addition, your eye to recognize trends and your good taste already give you a competitive advantage in the process. Whether it’s an aesthetic center, a hairdresser, a laser hair removal salon or amassagespa, these are the definitive steps you need to take for your beauty salon website.

What to do for creating a website (Salom)

Steps to create the website for your Salon or Esthetic Center 1 Do your homework

Spend a little time browsing the pages of other salons that have a commercial approach and style similar to yours (especially those nearby). Take notes of what you like from those websites (both style and content) and take a good look at all the details. Is the location of the online appointment booking option visible? Can you find enough information about the services offered, as well as price and duration, without having to call or send an email to getmoreinformation? Having a clear list of what should and shouldn’t be done is essential to make your website design as attractive as possible to your potential customers. Having your target audience in mind while creatingyour website will help you deliver the best customerexperience, even before those customers walk through your lounge door. To make everything easier, you can always resort to a webmaster that serve as the best starting point for the process of creating a web page.

Steps to create the website for your Salon or Esthetic Center 2 Shape your site map

A site map is kind of like the skeleton of your website. It is a summary or index of the different pages you will include on your website and how they will be connectedent re yes. For example, the home page is usually located at the top, while the online booking pages, service catalog, and contact form are located just below. Maybe your salon offers several treatments, such as cabit, nails and cosmetics, and you’d like to split each section. You can reflect these specializations on the site map by showing an “itinerary” that shows visitors how to get from your home page to the general service catalog, and then to each of those three separate pages.

Whether you choose to structure your site map, a general rule to keep in mind is that visitors shouldn’t have to do more than two clicks to go from page to page. All in all, don’t let visitors get lost in an ocean de pages. Keep transitions simple and clear. Visitors who visit your website will thank you, and Google will take it as a positive point when positioning your page among the results of its search engine. Once you have the map structured, you can start writing the content of each section.

If you don’t know which pages to include in your schema, here are our recommended pages for visitors to understand the “what, who, how, where, when, and why” of your business at first:


Is the basis of your website. This page has a very important role – to welcome visitors and help them understand and be instantly attracted to your beauty salon. Prominently place thenon-core of your business and a slogan or brief description to clearly communicate what your business is about and its added value. This is also the ideal place to add a high quality image, or two, to immediately capture the eyes of your visitors. This page is the equivalent of a cover letter, so make sure it’s interesting, clear and concise.

Service page:

What you offer customers is the essence of your business, so your website should reflect andso. Equip these pages with all the relevant details that a prospective customer would look for, such as the description of treatments, an attractive image, salon location, duration of each treatment and more. If you are able to “sell” the appeal of isnew sugarpeeling treatment, be sure that there will be several customers who will reserve their session at the same time. Don’t miss that sales opportunity by having the customer have to call or physically come to the salon to book their appointment. You can invite visitors to make their reservations at the moment using an eye-catching call-to-action button (CTA) of the type “Book now” or “Get beautiful today”.

About Us page:

Let your personality and story shine on their own. It is here that you can give a personal touch to your website to detract from coldness and anonymity to the encounter with yourvisitors. This is the best time to highlight the values of your business and introduce the team that makes it possible. Well done, it can help you gain the trust of potential customers as it will make them feel comfortable long before sitting in the sillones of your living room.

Contact page:

You don’t have to overdo it to catch your customers. It may seem like the only way to get customers, but it’s not true. Dedicate a page to show all relevant contact information, links to your social networks, and a map with your location. Expert tip: Insert your phone number and email intothe footer of yourwebsite, along with a Social Media Bar, so potential customers know how to communicate with you at any time and from any page of your website at any time on your site.

Testimonial page:

Do you want to hear something that will surprise you? According to a 2017 Brightlocal survey, “85% of consumers rely on online ratings as if they were a personal recommendation.” To collect those praises for your business, you’ll need tofollow up with customers after their visit and ask for two minutes of your time to write about your experience. A good way to get reviews is to integrate content from sites like Yelp and Facebook directly into your website.

Remember, less is more. You just need to make sure to provide the tipo of content that will arouse your audience’s curiosity and provide enough information to help them in their decision making. Just think about what kind of website you would like to find as a customer.

Steps to create the website for your Salon or Esthetic Center 3 Design your Page

As a professional of the beauty you are, this is sure to be the most fun part. Selecting the combination of colors and backgrounds is not only a fun process but is also an opportunity to convey to your customers that you take the style seriously. It is true that we should not judge a book by its cover, but in the case of an aesthetic business, there is nothing further from reality. If your visitors aren’t impressed by the visual aspect of your website, they’re very unlikely to trust your business. To keep you not at risk with your potential customers, here are a couple of design tips:

Steps to create the website for your Salon or Esthetic Center 4

Create your own logo: If you already have a corporate stamp, don’t be embarrassed and proudly show it in the header of your page, in whichmarketing material and even inthe favicon (that little icon that appears in the tab of your browser). Having a custom logo is critical when it comes to creating a recognizable brand identity. In addition, by linking all your logos to your homepage, you will improve the web browsing quality of your visitors.

Mix those colors: we don’t pretendto be experts in mixinghair t intes, but we imagine that the logic behind this is not that different from the one there is to choose the right color palette for your website. Ideally, the colors you choose are visually pleasing, not too over whelming, or distracting from content, and that they’re consistent with your salon’s style and convey the personality and values of your business.

Choose the right font: there are so many fonts to choose from thatit can be hard to resist the temptation to try themall. The guiding principles for choosing the best fonts are the same ones that govern color selection: look for fonts that communicate the identity of your room, but above all that are readable. The most important rule to keep in mind here is that you should never (never) use more than three fonts. Choose a ‘family’ of primary, secondary, and accent sources, and don’t abandon it. You’ll create a flawless look for your consistent, consistent website. Your readers’ eyes will thank you, believe us.

Convincing new customers: We live in a world of convenience. Therefore, your ability to make facilities to your customers will go a long way to turning someone who approaches your salonout ofcuriosity into a regular customer. Wix Bookings can help you with that, allowing people to book appointments and treatments from any device (mobile, tablet or computer), at any time (24/7). Every time someone makes areservation, you’ll receive an email notification, so you’re aware of everything. In addition, you can configure ‘Automations’ to send instant emails or chat messages to visitors based on specific actions they take on your Page (such as registering a profile on your website or submitting a contact form). This is a great way to show your enthusiasm for your interest without having to write the welcome message over and over again.

Before you click ‘Publish’ on your new masterpiece, you’ll want to sign the work as a good artist. In the web world, this signature is what we call a domain name (such as: mihermosapá Ideally, it should be the name of yours alon. However, if the name doesn’t relate at all to the industry (for example, ‘Oliva’ could be anything from an aesthetic clinic to an oil signature), be sure to add a keyword to show what your business is about. Potentialcustomers will get an idea of what it’s about, and help Google position your page among search results related to beauty treatments. In this article you’ll get a few clues to choose the right domain name for your website. The domain name will help you create a custom email address as well as boost your brand identity.

Steps to create the website for your Salon or Esthetic Center 5 Fine-tune your SEO

Have you ever wondered how you can appear in “The first Google results” every time someone searches for a business like yours? Actually, there are some concrete steps you can take to help make this happen. This is known as SEO (Search EngineOptimization). These are strategies by equipping yourself with a fully customized checklist for your website so you don’t forget anything you have to do, like selecting a domain name that suits your website as well as a study of relevant keywords.

The right keywords are three – to five – word phrases that a potential customer would probably use to find a room like yours. Something like: ‘hair reflexes’ ‘Medellin, Colombia’. If you’ve remarked quite many times throughout the content of your website that you’re a medellin-based beauty salon, it’s quite likely that Google will think you’re a good bet to appear among the first results of someone looking for treatments beauty in Medellin. The places of the magic phrases should not be missing are the titles and descriptions of SEO (Mega Tags). You can also include those words in the alternate text, which are image descriptions intended to help Google understand what’s in them (fornow search engines are unable to process images).

These are broadly the common steps that every business must follow to optimize its website. However, as a small business, there is another way to get all the juice out of SEO. It’s called local SEO, and the idea behind this concept is that, despite the online revolution, there are businesses (like beauty salons) that people still look for specifically in their area. By quickly registering your business with Google My Business, you’ll give the search engine a warning that your business exists and where it is, so they can direct the search. Be sureto also include your physical location on your website: you can put your address in the footer and a map of how to get to your contact section.

Steps to create the website for your Salon or Esthetic Center 6 Optimize your website for mobile devices.

All web pages created should automatically get a mobile version, without even having to move a finger. An elegant mobile website is essential to the success of any business, as the number of consumers shopping and shopping online from their mobile devices is increasing. Some of the best mobile practices includesimplifying your Page navigation and minimizing the amount of content.

Steps to create the website for your Salon or Esthetic Center 7

Steps to create the website for your Salon or Esthetic Center 8 Ask for opinions

Before you launch your website to the network, send the URL to friends, family, and trusted colleagues to browse your Page for a while and see that everything works as it should. I’m sure you’d rather it be your father who’sfound with a broken link and not a potential client. Ask them to pay special attention to spelling, spacing, and the navigation experience. Remember that no website is 100% finished at first; there is always a new feature that can be added to facilitate the user experience, or a different way of formulating a description to clarify what it means. That’s why it’s so important to have a group of trusted “critics” who give you honest feedback and identify those areas to improve.

Steps to create the website for your Salon or Esthetic Center 9 Spread the word on social media.

You’ve followed all the steps above. You have pressed ‘Publish’ and now you want the world to know. Be sure to post your website link to the profile description of all your social networks. You can also offer the reverse itinerary, that is, invite visitors to your Page to follow you on the networks by adding a social media bar and an Instagram Feed directly on your website. This is not only useful for excellent SEO, but also allows you to individually promote each of your services and target exactly the right audience on your social. So, if you want to promote a new facial on Facebook, you can simply add a link to the ad that leads users directly to the online booking page of that service, instead of taking them to the home page of your service Living room. In addition to increasing convenience, this practice actually increases the chances of visitors moving forward and registering, rather than losing patience when browsing multiple pages of your website to find what they are looking for. Start sharing today, and you’ll see bookings start coming.



Don’t keep your beauty secrets to yourself. Create a website for your beauty salon and grow your customer portfolio!


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