What you should do and know before creating a website

What you should do and know before creating a website

Hi there, I want to explain some steps you should do before creating your website. I do it because sometimes I get requests from people who seem to have risen one morning and said:  – I’m going to make a website. Without having done any previous study or preparation. And of course, when you start asking them questions arise and what at first seemed a simple website is not so much.

👉🏽 What you should do before creating your website.

I’m going to start with the things you should do before you ask for quotes or create your website on your own. In case you are going to do it on your own, I recommend my free WordPress course in which I explain how to create your website from scratch.

1. Define the purpose of your website

The first step would be to define the purpose of your website. This is important to then make a web design oriented to that goal. I give you an example:

If you have a local services business such as a renovation company. Your goal will be to attract customers from a specific area because you don’t work in the whole province anyway. Therefore, your services have to appear clearly on your website, where you do them and how to contact you (forms and telephone).

I know it seems very basic, but I have found pages where I had to go to your Facebook to find contact information …

So, define your goal and focus your website on it.

2. Define the functionalities of the page

This depends a lot on the type of website you are going to create. If it is a typical corporate website the most special thing would be the contact form. But if you need to sell online, a reservation system or a private area for customers, things change. Because according to what is the same it can be solved with plugins or the same what you need is a custom development.

You must take it into account especially if you are going to hire someone to make the web because this type of functionality will influence the final budget.

3. Do a keyword research

A keyword research basically consists of finding keywords that your potential clients perform to find the services you offer. In my case it would be “WordPress web design” or “WordPress web designer.”

And in the case of the reform company, they would be keywords type “reform company + locality” or “service name + locality”.

To do the keyword research you can use Google’s own search engine or tools like KW Finder. It is also a good idea to analyze the competition websites that are in first positions. Once you have your list of keywords for each service you have to try to include them in your texts without giving much singing.

They have to appear naturally without being too forced. Doing a good keyword research will help you better structure the content and your website will be more optimized at SEO level.

4. Define the structure of your website

Defining the web structure is also very important for both the user experience and SEO. You have to be clear about which sections your website is going to carry and what is the target of each section. In addition, if you request a quote from any web designer,  you will be asked for the number of sections or pages your website needs. As for the structure I recommend that it be as simple as possible so that the user can reach any section with less than 3 clicks.

  • Remove everything that is not essential, do not complicate yourself.
  • Create the contents (text and images)

Now that you have the structure of your website and know the keywords that you are interested in positioning. It plays the part that most of my clients least like, the one to write the texts. This is where projects are delayed to infinity. That’s why I don’t start a website until I have all the content on the web. It is important that you take your time to write the texts well and not copy them from other websites or put the typical phrases that say nothing .

I mean phrases like:

“We are a company with extensive experience” – surely there is someone with whom you have more than you.
«Leaders in the sector» – you and all the companies in the sector.
«We are professionals» – well less bad.
«We offer 360 solutions» – what does this mean?
«We have a multidisciplinary team» – okay …

Focus more on describing what each service consists of and solve the frequent doubts that may arise to your customers. The other option is to  hire a copywriter to write you the texts.

5. Repare some good images.

Do not go to take the images from Google Images. I see you!

The vast majority of them are copyrighted and you can look for a problem if you use them as is. The images of banks are very good, but it is always better to use some good photos of your business, your work or you. Because this makes you different from other companies that use the same photos taken from image banks.

6. Create a logo

The logo is another element that you can not miss and you will have to do it on your own or hire someone to do it. If you are going to do it, don’t get too complicated. With something simple ok. On the Internet you will find many tools and tutorials on how to make a basic logo for your business or personal blog. With this I do not mean that the logo is not important, but do not throw months making the logo.

7. Choose in a domain name

To create your website you will need to buy a domain name. If you are going to create a personal brand blog, you should buy one with your name and if the website is for your business then buy the domain with the name of your company or business. I buy the domains in Namecheap because it is cheaper especially if you buy several.

You can also buy it together with the hosting and thus you save paying the domain for one year, because almost all web hosting companies give it to you the first year. This would be the basics you should do before creating your website. Once you have all this preparing you could go to a web designer or start on your own.


👉🏽 What you should know before creating your website

There are a number of things you should know before creating a website that you don’t even consider or ignore.

1. Your page does not promote itself

There are many people who believe that with making the web they will already start having sales or they will receive daily budgets or the page will generate money without doing anything.

Unless your website is only to display information without commercial use, you have to have some marketing strategy. To capture these potential clients you will have to create a content strategy for your blog, hire an SEO service or make advertising campaigns. Because if you do nothing, I can assure you that whatever you want to do will not work.

Creating a website is only part of the online business, and many people get stuck with the design of their website for months trying to make everything perfect. A website does not exist, there is always something you can improve, improve or try.

The important thing is that you launch now and start validating ideas.

2. Do not save $ 30 per year on hosting

Hosting is the basis of your online business and there is nothing more desperate than poor quality hosting. It’s like when you call a telephone company because you have dropped the Internet and get dizzy with:

– Press one to … Press three to … Go out and enter your home … Plug the router into the bathroom … Blow the RJ45 cable hard …

Well, with a hosting the same thing can happen to you:

  • Your website falls every two times three.
  • The X plugin does not work correctly.
  • The email is not sent or goes directly to SPAM.
  • As soon as your cousin enters to see the web, the server becomes saturated.
  • and a thousand more things.

So, don’t be a rat and hire quality hosting. I’m not telling you to spend a lot of money, but have at least about $ 180 to spend on web hosting. Although normally it will cost you between $ 90 and $ 120.

I recommend using GoDaddy or Bluehost  because they offer good support in Spanish and performance. I have used them both and they seem like a good option.

3. Don’t get complicated with the design

I really like clean designs pulling minimalist, with clear navigation and do not make the user dizzy. And it is what I offer to my clients. I like it this way because I spend many hours browsing web pages and those that make me dizzy or don’t make things clear take me out of my boxes.

That you put a lot of flourishes and effects is no use to me if I don’t know what the thing is about. So, as a user, my recommendation is that you go easy when you create your website.



So far the article, I hope it has been useful. If you have any questions or suggestions leave me in the comments. That way I can improve the post. I would appreciate it if you shared it on your social networks or that you leave me an assessment. It costs nothing and you will be helping me a lot.

Greetings and thanks for getting here.

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